Music, 2018 style

So, Spotify has an Unwrapped feature that summarises your listening for the last year, if it’s your bag to learn that sort of thing.

This is mine:

My taste in music hasn’t really changed much in the last… oof, about sixteen years. Certainly, since I started heading out to the rock clubs in Plymouth what I listen to hasn’t really evolved –  I’ve just added bands and singers that fall within the rock and metal category.

I kind of lament that I’m not more adventurous with music, and that it doesn’t play a bigger part in my life. It didn’t really play a role in my life until I hit sixteen or so, and even then it has more been a companion than a passion. The important exception to that is heading out to rock clubs and nights out – I consider headbanging and flailing madly to heavy guitar riffs a formative part of both my sense of self, and the bed-rock of many of the friendships I hold dear even now I’ve become more demure in my evenings.

I have a load of friends who are incredible singers and musicians. I love seeing them perform, and love that they have such a passion and talent for something so expressive and alive. For myself, one of my favourite bits of trivia about myself is that I was kicked out of my secondary-school band for being such a bad singer, which really does tell you why I’m best suited to air-guitar than actually being behind a mic or an instrument.

That said, I’ve always wanted to be able to play the violin, in an awkwardly self-conscious attempt to ape the Duke of Wellington and Russell Crowe in Master and Commander. Hopefully, one day, I’ll get my act in gear and take lessons (I feel like the violin is an instrument that shouldn’t be self-taught, or at least not if you have neighbours).

I already have the puffy-sleeved linen shirt, and I think I could pull off breeches if I put in the hours at a bums-and-tums class.

Perhaps 2019 will be the year I branch out a bit. I suspect not – between my various rock playlists and the classical music and film soundtracks I listen to when writing, I think I’ve found my groove and I shall run in it until I’m an aged, silver-haired rocker still belting out Living On A Prayer whenever the opportunity arises.

I’ll leave you with this link to the Grimdark Writing Playlist, that Ben Galley put together from suggestions in the Grimdark Fiction Readers & Writers Group on Facebook. Enjoy!