2014, Take 2

As you may have read, I ended 2013 on something of a Bolshy note. Evidently, given that this is my first post of 2014, Something Has Gone Wrong.

That something, predictably, was a tidal wave of work problems, that destroyed any motivation I had to do anything other than go to sleep at eight in the evening. I shan’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say that my hope that my promotion would bring me less work were dead wrong.

* * * * *

However, that is in the past. The Easter break has rolled around, and I’m taking two weeks off, making full advantage of the Bank Holidays we’ve been granted by Jebus’s birthday, or second coming, or whatever it is we are celebrating by eating chocolate (not, I should hasten to point out, that I have ever needed an excuse to eat chocolate).

The break has been good for me, I think. I’ve certainly managed to get some writing done, and I’ve read more than I have all year.

(I’m currently marathoning all of the mighty Joe Abercrombie’s novels – I’m about a third of the way through The Last Argument of Kings. I’ll probably blog about my impressions once I’m done – but I’ve also flicked through a few short stories, which has been nice).

I’m feeling more relaxed, I’ve only opened my work emails once, and the colossal amount of stuff I have to do when I finish my break has scarcely been on my mind.

* * * * *

So, the first quarter/third of 2014 went down the crapper, creatively-speaking. So the rest of the year had better make up for things, eh?

I’m sticking to my goals (Finish What I Start; Read More; Blog More), but adding one, that neatly ties in with Blog More.

Ray Bradbury, hallowed be his name, advised in 2001 to read one short story, one poem, and one essay a night (about 8:40 in that video if you are interested – I strongly encourage you to make the time and watch the entire thing, it is simply wonderful).

I, being the less ambitious person that I am, am going to aim to do that once a week. So, once a week *holds up palm in the correct manner of one swearing an oath* I shall write a post listing the short story, poem, and essay (I’m going to go ahead and include significant blog posts in this category) I have read that week, and my thoughts on them.

My hope, my ambition, is that I shall have my head, as Mr Bradbury said, stuffed full of ideas and metaphors, until they can’t help but pour out through my fingertips and on to the page. At the very least, I shall have read some interesting things, which is its own reward. I encourage you to do the same, even if just for a month or two, and see what ideas spring to mind.

* * * * *

That’s enough for now – I’ve already read the short story and essay for this week, so I shall seek out a poem and get cracking with that first post.

I hope you all have had a better January, February, and March than I (that sounds really melodramatic, which it is. I’m not dying, for god’s sake, I’ve just been a bit busy!), and that you enjoy what’s left of the Easter break. And if you haven’t yet, hunt down that Easter Bunny and demand your share of his chocolatey goodness.

You heard me.