So, it’s been a while, even by my standards.

A lot has been going on, only some of which I shall bore you with. The paid-employment has been… busy, to say the least, over the summer, although it has settled down some now the students are back. On the home front, unfortunately one of our pet rats passed away last week from a respiratory disease. This was pretty sad, especially as it was unexpected. However, in order to make sure our remaining wee man doesn’t get lonely, we have bought two new (twelve-week old!) rats as cage-mates.

And, in more relevant news, I’ve had another short story picked up for publication.

I’m calling it Fearful, We Wait For Morning, and it is going to be a quick little story for The Bolthole’s Far Worlds anthology. James Fadeley and Andrew Aston have published two anthologies in the last year or so, made up largely by contributions from Bolthole members. They have been pretty well received, as far as I can tell, and I think the theme and connecting device for the stories is a good one. My story is going to be pretty short and sweet, and I’m looking forward to getting into it. Far Worlds should be out early next year.

The other writing project that has been taking up my time is a story to pitch to the War Stories anthology from Apex Books. The editors of the anthology have made it very clear (check out their Kickstarter video – only a few days left!) that they are looking for interesting, character-driven military sci-fi stories, so it is immediately something I’m interested in without even the submission window. I would absolutely love to get into the anthology (Joe Haldeman will have a story in it!), but I’m not getting my hopes up too high. I’ve spent quite a lot of time going through several different stories, all themed around UAVs and drones in warfare, but I reckon I’ve cracked it. ,my submission is going to be a little unusual, structurally, but I think it is going to pay off.


The inactivity on the blog has, partially, been related to the amount of writing I’ve been doing, at least in the last six weeks or so (until then, it was work – I was coming home completely wiped for about three months over the summer). I’ve started waking up an hour early every morning and using that hour to write pretty solidly. At times there hasn’t been a huge word count, but the point is I have been putting fingers to keyboard every day. It makes a huge difference psychologically, and I’m hoping to keep the momentum going past the drone story and Fearful.

I went on another research bender the other day, and found a whole load of history articles and free books on the Ottoman Empire which I think are going to be really useful (seriously, you’d be surprised how many academics make their articles and even whole books free on academia.edu and other sites).

I’m thinking about setting up a section of this site to use as an archive for my research/world-building for The War of Nations, as I’m coming up with some good ideas as I’m researching and I’d like to get them down in a solid fashion. In the fullness of time, I’d like to set up a website to host timelines and little bits and pieces about WoN, so I might as well start now.


Hopefully, there will be more going on here in the coming weeks – since I’m writing more, I want to divert at least some of that energy to getting this old place up and running again. Hope to see you around the site, Twitter, Facebook, or the noosphere. Peace out, y’all.