Pit stop

Just a quick one today; you’ll have to find your internet-based amusements elsewhere, I’m afraid.

For myself and the missus, today is about getting things back into shape. We’re chucking out the tree and setting the living room to rights (and therefore giving me back a desk of my own); getting some food in the house (healthy food – only that which has grown in the ground or wore a face, remember?); and generally setting things back on track. However, it being Saturday, we may instead just lounge around doing nowt.

(Alice has already polished off a book borrowed from a friend (The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists. Heartily enjoyed, if all those chuckles were a giveaway), and I’m going to sit down with my notepad and get some thoughts in order later, so it’s likely to be the latter.)

Anyway, there’s an update on my affairs, if you care. This inane bloggery is all part of the effort to use my website more – regular updating will come first, and more meaningful content will come second. You may question that logic, but what the hey.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. See you on the far, sandy shores of productivity!