Short Story – Budapest Will Burn

As my first act on the new site, I thought I ought to share what it is I actually do.

Budapest Will Burn was my debut publication, appearing first through Nevermet Press’s Stories in the Ether (sadly now defunct), and then later in Runewright’s Penny Dread Tales: Vol. 2.

It was a long time in the making, but I am very proud of the final product. I’d like to come back and tell Budapest’s story in more depth, and I am sure that one day I shall. But for now, I strongly urge you to click the image below and read Anne-Cathleen  Beres’ trials as she struggles to flee a city under siege.

"Budapest Will Burn", Illustration © 2011, Hayley "Faelourn" Millward

“Budapest Will Burn”, Illustration © 2011, Hayley “Faelourn” Millward

No, really, you should. It’s really good.