The Next Thing

So, what am I up to at the moment, you ask?

Well, right now I am hip-deep in planning my novel submission for this year’s Black Library window (tentatively titled The Lost and the Damned; I’ll blog about that in detail once the synopsis has been polished off), and there are some other short stories I would like to get written once that is out of the way (around March if all goes to plan). I still have my Artemis novellas in my back pocket, but those aren’t on the cards for 2012 I shouldn’t think.

I will be concentrating on getting some short stories in the bag; my portfolio of work is somewhat slim at the moment, and while seeking quantity is not a good motivation, nor an indicator of quality, it does show that I am not as productive as I would like. We shall see what the year brings, but what I can guarantee it will bring it writing. I am going to write, and keep writing – here on the blog, in the pages of a beautiful Little Red Book a friend gave me for Christmas, and in the pages of lovingly-crafted fiction. This will be the year of productivity and energy – finishing what I start and getting it spot-on in the process. In the short term, that means Writing Every Day. Once I have that nailed, it will be Write Well Every Day.

For now I will leave you with the promise of things to come. I am heading up to London tomorrow (5th) to attend Adam Christopher’s book launch for his debut novel EMPIRE STATE, a book I have been looking forward to for ages. If you are in the London area you should stop by – Forbidden Planet London has a terrifyingly vast collection of genre fiction, and the book launch promises to be a good one. A review for Nevermet Press of EMPIRE STATE will follow, and I am hoping to get a few more reviews written up to boost my productivity. After that, I want to write about my current project, and I’m hoping to write an article for The Bloghole on a super-secret topic in February (why secret? Because I’m not entirely sure what it;ll be yet).

For now, much love in this new year (its 2012! Its the damn future – where is my jetpack?!), and see y’all soon.