Once more I return to this ill-frequented corner of the Net. You know the drill – life, work, actual writing work, etc etc.

So, what am I up to now, you ask? Well, I am moving house… that’s pretty big. I’m moving in with my girlfriend, occupying a second room of a friend’s house which he lets out. Its a nice house, closer to work and with a far better kitchen. However, the best thing about this move is that I will finally have a library! The room I’m moving into will not be a bedroom (though there will be a bed in there) and instead Alice and I will use it as a study; a nice big desk, comfy places to sit, and roughly 20 square feet of bookshelf space to enjoy.

20 square feet? Does that sound right? Three extra-tall, extra-wide bookcases, anyway.

I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am by the prospect of having all my books in a single place; I think its the concentration of such an influencial part of my life (plus it takes me back to when I worked in bookshops). Pictures will be forthcoming once I am in; next Saturday is the moving date.

On the working front, students return to unviersity next week, giving me a grand total of two weeks before their seminars and lectures start to get everything set. As is stands… yeah. History are running 78 undergraduate modules this year, and at present 15 of them are ready to go. Great…

Moving swiftly on, writing continues. I am starting a new short story, based in my War of Nations Hong Kong, for an anthology that is looking for worldly steampunk. I thought up the story while in Nice, and I am pretty happy with it at the moment. I need to do some reading on Chinese names and culture, since the protagonist and all parties will be Chinese, but I am not overly worried – I like to think I tread with a light but steady step when it comes to cultural differences. Other than that, I am still farming Budapest Will Burn, while planning what next to add to my burgeoning canon. I have finally completed a low-to-medium depth chronology of events for the first ten years of the War of Nations. It has taken me to places I didn’t expect to go, but I like the outcome, and just skimming through it fills me with all kinds of ideas. Its a world I can make a career in.

But right now I am really just focussing on writing something every day. Today its this blog post (this evening will be taken up with packing and reassuring my housemates that, yes, I will see them again), tomorrow will probably be a character generation piece for the Hong Kong story.

Oh yes, I will also be talking to my good friend Joe, who is designing a proper website for me, on Tuesday to finalise a design. I will need to be a-writing some content for that, and maybe evening a free short story or flash-fiction for you. We will have to see… 🙂

That’s your fill for now, good people. Peace out o/