Good afternoon fair internet-folk! I post to inform you that there is a planned web-silence coming into effect from pretty time much the time I press the “Publish Post” button (this is to distinguish this time for the rest of my silences, which are based on sloth and/or doing something more important, like writing).

I, and my lovely girlfriend, are off to Nice!

That’s right, good people, that is where I am going. See those huge-ass yachts? Yeah, I’m not staying on one of those. I am staying in a rather flash hotel that overlooks the marina, however, and with only a 30 min journey to Nice and a bit further to Monaco, I will be bringing down the tone in a far swankier place than now.

This is the first holiday I have taken since starting university way back in 2006, and I plan to enjoy it. That means books, and pads of paper, galore. I have the current draft of Harbinger printed out, and hope to make some goodly progress on that. I also have three books to take with me: Chuck Wendig’s 250 Things You Should Know About Writing, Legends 2, an anthology of short fiction by some of the masters of fantasy, and Blair Worden’s The English Civil Wars, a fairly concise but comprehensive examination of the Civil War period that I found lying around the office one day. I’m reading this because a key piece of world-building in The War of Nations is based around a change that I am making to a key personality of that period, and I want to see just how radical it is and if my version of events is really plausible.

So, that is what I am taking with me (oh, and I’ve just downloaded Angry Birds for my iPod, so there goes all that time I was going to spend reading). I plan to do as little as possible, physically, although a dip in the Mediterranean is on the cards. I’m sure I’ll be back with pictures aplenty and mind abuzz with words – I am leaving the laptop behind, so they only actual writing I’m going to do will have to be done longhand – and I’m sure some of that will find its way on to here.

See y’all on the 13th o/