Once more, a promise is made

Yep, that time has come again. I have begun another intensive writing period, and plan to blog once a day to get into the habit, to boot.

Of course, this has happened before. You know it, I know it; I have the staying power and attention span of a concussed kitten. I shan’t say this time it’ll be different. I won’t plead for your attention, begging your forgiveness and one last try to get it right, to please you with my bloggery…

…Okay, that was getting dangerously Freudian. Suffice to say, from today until 20th July, this blog shall be graced with my meanderings every day. I do not promise that it will be fun, edifying, or even vaguely insightful, just that words will appear here with a frequency that you deserve but probably don’t expect.

What am I writing, you ask? I am hammering out a first draft of my Warhammer novel submission, Noble Born, the tale of a newly-founded Imperial Guard regiment and their first battle. Its a story I have been wanting to tell since I first came up with the idea, and that desire has only grown with the plotting and planning and other projects taking priority. But now I have plenty of free brain time now that work has calmed down, I have my short stories either sent off or ready for tweaking, and now its time to get my novel on. 10,000 words, 10 days. Simples?

Stay tuned, word fans, to see how I get on. In the meantime, enjoy this video:

Nathan Fillion has never been less sexy. But, frankly, he’s a stallion of a man, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. He’ll be back to his old self soon enough. Peace out, y’all.