Marshalling one’s thoughts

On the advice of a very smart lady, I have once more picked up the blogosphere. It has been a very busy few months since last I visited these pages, with some semblance of writing in between. Not much in the last few weeks, it has to be said – I put a moratorium on all creative works when it became apparent that for the months of May and June, my 9-5 job would be leaving me so fried that I doubt anything coherent could have been produced.

I rather regret this decision. It was made for the right reasons, and I definitely feel shattered enough as it is without the trial of trying to drag words out of me at the end of each day, but, as Ms. Cawkwell advised, a writer must write, and write, and write. And really I had this old thing sitting here, and if nothing else I’m sure I could conjure up 500 words of drivel to keep my hand in. Not that this is a deposit for drivel, of course…

So, a quick status update. I am starting to spool up on the revisions for my steampunk short Budapest Will Burn, which I am hoping to send out in a week or three once the final push at work has been achieved. The feedback I received from a publisher (going unnamed at the moment, so as not to queer the pitch) was very encouraging, and I really want to get some momentum back to get that finished and sent back. I am really crossing my fingers on that one – if all goes well, I could have a contract for my first publication for 2012 in a couple of weeks.

But lets not get ahead of myself; once Budapest is done, it will be straight on to the Warhammer projects. The deadline for their submission to Black Library is the end of July, and I have my sights set on getting the first 10,000 words of the Imperial Guard novel I have begun finished, and also writing up at least one, hopefully two, short stories, before then. Slightly ambitious, I know, but I think six weeks of hard work should see this done. If necessary I will drop the lesser of my two shorts – not that I think it is lesser as a story, but I think that the other is more likely to sell. More on that as they progress.

Beyond those projects (just those?) I actually haven’t got much planned beyond getting to grips with the rather sizeable backlog of books that are sat waiting for me. I went on a bit of an eBay binge in May, and picked up a rather good deal on a job-lot of Warhammer 40,000 omnibuses and some other tasty propositions. I have, after some false starts with other books, begun The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway (follow the link for a rather flash Flash website). It seems interesting, and definitely has a good voice to it. I will see where it leads.

In terms of my own writings, I think I will have to marshal my thoughts. I am keen to develop my War of Nations world further through some short stories, but really this summer is a time of evaluation and consideration of what is to come. This term has knocked my productivity for six, and with that and an increasingly busy personal life, time needs to be made for writing once again (not to keep banging on about her, but Sarah Cawkwell held down wifing, mothering, and working, and still managed to get her debut novel together and in the meantime begin work on a dozen other projects. If she can, surely I, with my masses of much-more free-time, can also).

Hmm, something of a meandering post, this. Meh, nevermind. There are some cool things coming this way, internet-wise. At the end of this month I am hoping to commission a friend of mine to design me a website. Both and have already been purchased, and I look forward to having a rather more personalised and interesting place to base my assault on the Interwebs from. Stay tuned for more info on that as well.

So, to summarise: I am going to try to get back to blogging (although we have heard that before) at the same time as I get my writing groove back on, and start trying to be what I want to be again. Catch you later, internets – peace out!