Speed-Date an Author!

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t a romantic proposition. I have wilfully plundered the ideas of my betters; Bookends, LLC are posting speed-date sessions with some of the authors they represent.  This seems like an excellent way to get some vital statistics written down.  So, here is my Speed-Date an Author profile:

Vital Statistics:

Name: Jonathan D. Beer

Speed Date Bio: A man of bold proclivities, I enjoy most things steampunk and all things historical.  I write with these two angels (demons?) sat upon my shoulders, celebrating my turn of phrase and chastising me for the improper use of semi-colons.

Web Link: www.jonathandbeer.blogspot.com

Current project, completion date: Currently untitled, I am working on a short story for submission to the Mammoth Book of Steampunk anthology.  I’m hoping to get it finished by 7th March.

Agent: Currently unrepresented.

About Me:

Real Name of Pseudonym: Shockingly, my name is Jonathan Daniel Beer.  I go by Jon mostly.

Currently Reading: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.  Yes, I know – I am late for just about every trend, ever.

Next on my Reading List: Either Prospero Burns, By Dan Abnett, or Caledor by Gav Thorpe.  Whichever I get my mitts on first at Black Library Live! next month.

Twitter: @jonathandbeer.  I am relatively new to the ways of Tweeting (ugh), but I’m getting the hang of it.  Basically, I spew my views and thoughts out onto the people that follow me, for some reason.

Three authors living or dead you want to have dinner with: Terry Pratchett (Sir Terry), Bernard Cornwell, and Jules Verne.  I have met two out of these three already; now I just need a means of resurrecting the dead…

Jet-setter or armchair traveller: The places I travel to can’t be reached by planes, trains or automobiles.

Glass half full or half empty: I top off my glass regularly.  That is not a smutty sentence.

Tea or Coffee: Hot chocolate.  I’ve not acquired the taste for hot water and caffine, and, judging by my co-workers, I am better off without it.

Live to write or Write to live: I live to live; I write to live many lives.

About My Writing

What time of day/week I write: Evenings and weekends; I plan and ponder in notebooks just about all the time.

Writing soundtrack: Generally classical music and soundtracks, the tempo changing depending on the mood of what I am writing.  Some Rammstein and other metal sneaks in when the swords are drawn and the battle-lines clash.

Character Inspirations: The better class of war films; flawed heroes and unconventional women; my friends, at their best and worst.

Plot Inspirations: Escapism; a desire to affect Big Things and have grand events dance to my tune, muwhaha!

Setting Inspirations: History; the steampunk aesthetic; the grand and the dark of science fiction and fantasy, and real life.


If you have any questions you would like me to answer on my “method”, my ambitions, or the colour of my chest hair by all means ask away!  Peace out y’all o/