Acting like a writer…

…doesn’t make you a writer (but it helps).

I am eschewing the traditional “sorry I haven’t posted much” opening because, frankly, I’ve been pretty busy.  Work has been cracking the whip these last few weeks, and so all thought of writing has been set aside.

Now, however, I shall pick it back up again, and will start out with a burst of energy that I attribute to my New Year’s Resolution!  Well, it was a resolution I determined during the festive period, anyway, and that resolution is thus:


With those words emblazoned across the screen, I shall endeavour to explain them.  I don’t think that I really thought about my writing in a professional manner in the past.  It was a hobby, a means of staying sane during several months of unemployment, a means of staying sane during employment.  And while I harboured the desire to strike it rich and get published, I never approached this ambition in a way which a) is professional, and b) yields results.  I was pretty much just waiting for It to happen to me.

This isn’t to say that when writing I wasn’t professional – I took, and take, my writing extremely seriously.  But I wasn’t thinking like someone whose career is writing.  And that needed to change.

So this is the start.  After that period of inactivity of all things creative, I am starting to build myself a platform from which I can stand and say, without self-deception, that I am an author, a wordsmith, a writer of stories.  Because that is what I want to be.  And so I shall start to act like one.

This means, in the short term, doing the things writers do.  So, you can now find my Tweets (ugh) at @jonathandbeer, I have a Facebook fan page (search for, shockingly, Jonathan D. Beer) and renewed activity on this blog o’ mine.  It will, in time, get a rather delightful makeover and transferance to a proper website.  But for now I am going to earn that shinyness by regularly blogging once a week.  Across a week I shall gather together links, articles, interesting pieces of information and my own opinions and updates, and splurge them all together every Friday afternoon or evening.

That is the visible side of things, and in a strange way the side that is requires the least self-discipline.  The invisible, to you fine folks, the internal change in attitudes, will take a bit longer to instill, but is by far the more important part of my resolution.  Next week’s post will detail my current thinking on The 2011 Plan and what I hope to achieve this year, but suffice to say achievable but ambitious goals have been set, and I will be keeping to them.

So, that is it.  I am a writer, and I shall write.  See you next week! o/