Submissions and other things

So, the most urgent of tasks has now been achieved – my submission to the Treacheries of the Space Marines anthology has been sent off.  Well, it was sent off last Thursday night to get in for the deadline, but the principle stands.  There were times when I thought about jacking the whole story in (I only did one – someone I know submitted ten!), but it was too good to give up on.  At the time I said that it was the best thing that I have written for purpose, and having gone back to the sample and synopsis tonight I would have to say that, yes, on balance and with one or two things that I would maybe alter, the writing sample is the best 368 words I have written.

At the very least I would hope to be asked for the full thing – it costs nothing for BL to ask me for it, and I would like to think that what I had pitched would at least make someone say “Yeah, go on then, I will give more of that a read”.  But we shall see – it is in the mighty clutches of Mr Dunn now.

However, with that done, I am now free to pursue other things (unless I actually am asked for the full, in which case the next two/three months will be filled with naught but Typhus and Caester), the main one of these being the Jantrine.  I have now got a relatively firm idea for a novel, and a pair of characters that I am pleased with.  I need to flesh out the characters and tinker with the plot at present, but I am hoping to have a done run-through of the plot, themes, and characters all laid out by the end of November.  The plan for this is for the Jantrine to be my submission for the 2011 window, so while I have plenty of time I would like to have it done by the end of March so I can use next year to work on some commercially-viable things.  You never know.

Anyway, time for sleep.  Off up to London tomorrow night for the White Mischief steampunk night, for which I cannot wait.  Laters kids!