On-going projects

(This is where I show just how directionless I am in my writing)

Shattered Steel – three chapters done, stalled on forth.  Book planned out in detail.

Jantrine Nobles – World-building and crafting notes at the moment.  Broad outline of story for them is taking shape.

Pandora Watson and the Adventures of the Cornelius – First page or two done of an introductory short story.  Not much brainstorming done on this yet.

Mirror’s Edge tie-in – World established and broad idea of story taken shape.  Note-form atm.

Ahriman short story – First 1200 words done.  Story plan done.  Date for completion – 1st October.

Atkins serial novella – Stalled, as the Ahriman short story diverted me completely.  I don’t think I am going to go ahead with the idea of a serial novella at the moment – with the imminent move to a new job (which will be far more demanding than this one) I would like to focus on more easily-achievable goals; namely, short stories and world-building for the Jantrine.

Er, anything else I was doing?  There are about one hundred and two ideas for shorts and other bits and pieces floating around at the moment, but I am going to ignore them for now.  The Jantrine are a recent addition that have totally absorbed me – I am thinking of writing their book for next year’s BL submission window.  I want to concentrate on shorts for now, as the whole “finishing things” thing is starting to dominate the worry-centres of my brain.

So, that is where I am at.  I doubt there will be another post for a while, but I’m sure it will be similar to this when I do :p