One Post, Fifteen Minutes

Why ten minutes?  Because I have food in the oven that will need eating in ten minutes, and I shouldn’t take any more time out from dissertation reading today than I already have.

So, The War of Nations.  A grand title, I feel.  It’ll look good on a front cover :p
So what’s it going to be about?  As I mentioned very briefly in the last post, its going to be heavily influenced by steampunk, and the dark nature of the 40k universe – by which I mean, there will not be “good guys” and “bad guys” – just guys (and girls).
The War of Nations is not, as such, a single story.  There is a definite arc of events, but I want to tell them and use them to drive other stories.  As I also said in the last post, that style of writing which Max Brooks used so well in World War Z appeals greatly to me.  So I guess what I’m doing is creating a world into which I can pour characters and stories, and hopefully produce some books which other people will actually want to pay money for.
Enough dancing around the edges, though – whats it all about?  Well I have short and long answers to that; here’s a taster, as I don’t have the details clear in my head, and it will be stupid to put them down here only to change them in five minutes time when I come up with a cooler idea:
The age of steam power has been in force for decades, and its effects have not drastically altered the way things were.  Dynastic Houses still control their little kingdoms, squabbling with their neighbours, maintaining themselves through control of resources to their subjects.  This state of affairs has existed for centuries, disturbed only when groups of dynasties come together to break the balance of power that exists.
This is one such time.
Very short, eh?  I am purposefully light on the details, as to be honest I don’t have them yet.  I was going to base it in 1850’s Europe (with a great many changes), but my automated sounding board (my housemate) commented that it would be easier to craft my own world, making it easier for people to buy.  Although to be honest, I do like the idea of messing with European countries and their histories 😛
I think I might be too fond of world-making, and not enough of actually getting down to the hard work of writing within those worlds.  We shall see though, I’m fond of the steampunk setting; it fits in with my general philosophy of “why write it if it isn’t cool?”, and steampunk is very cool.
Anyways, more time for a proper rummination when I have it written out the proper setting, so I can talk about it some more :p